October has been a busy month. Amazing leadership and incredible talent added to our team!

Friday, October 15, 2021

Compost Clubhouse was invited to present at the MORPC Summit On Sustainability. We are so very proud of four of our students from our youth team who presented in a Japanese presentation style of PECHA KUCHA (20 slides presented for 20 seconds each). Our youth leaders for this presentation were: CiCi Jobe, Senior at Dublin Coffman High School, Emersen White, Freshman at Columbus School For Girls, Manning Norris, Junior at Wellington and Stella Jolly, Sixth Grade Homeschool. Each of our presenters offered content to flow with five slides for a total of 100 seconds. 400 seconds total. Check out the video recording of this on our Compost Clubhouse Instagram!

Habitat Day, Barrington Elementary
Thursday, October 14, 2021

Compost Clubhouse was honored to join Barrington Elementary for a celebration and exploration of habitats! We, of course, worked with their outstanding students, teacher, and parent-volunteers to create tiny universes – habitats for soil microbes, mycelium, and other decomposers who will turn food scraps, leaves, twigs, and other organic matter into rich, life-giving soil. Each grade combined their talents and enthusiasm to become the most lovely Compost Choruses; we sang “Compost Cake” by the Banana Slug String Band, which helped us learn more about this incredible process. We are so inspired by the passion, creativity, and initiative of everyone involved in this amazing program!

Molly Jo Stanley

Molly Jo Stanley is delighted to join Compost Clubhouse as Director of Education. First and foremost a student, Jo has spent the past two decades exploring, studying, and celebrating the wonders of our earth as a gardener, ecologist, and ethnobotanist. Each adventure has strengthened her love for our miraculous existence, and illuminated the importance and possibility of a world in which humans cherish and protect this precious planet.



She is a firm believer in the power of playful, engaging, meaningful education that inspires learners of all ages to use their talents, creativity, and passion. No stranger to the challenges and obstacles that get in the way of our best efforts, Jo has spent the past two decades working towards solutions that are simple and accessible for all people. It was in a compost heap one day when she had an epiphany; one of her students, after learning about the process of turning food scraps and old cardboard into brand new soil exclaimed, “Jo, you’re like a superhero: Captain Compost!” At that moment, Jo wondered if she could reach every apartment, home, school, business, and city. This just might hold the key to making the kind of lasting positive change she sought.

Today, she is overjoyed at the chance to share the magic of composting through the curation, development, and implementation of composting curriculum, lesson plans, activities, and systems. When not busy creating new soil with the help of microbes, mycelium, and macroinvertebrates, you can find Jo running through the woods, foraging for wild food and medicine, writing songs and playing music, or climbing sturdy trees and rock walls.

Meet Bob Woodruff, CC’s new Logistics Manager

Say hello to Bob Woodruff! Our new driver knows his way around Central Ohio. Bob brings 30 years of trucking and logistics to the Compost Clubhouse team. In a short time Bob has helped Compost Clubhouse step to the next level in managing logistics of schools, community and curbside programming.


Meet Diana Wang, owner of Fine Feather in Grandview Heights.

Diana Wang is owner of Fine Feather, an exclusively clean (nontoxic and natural) beauty store located in Grandview Heights. Very few beauty product packaging can be recycled at home because municipal recycling centers cannot recycle them, leading them to end up in landfills or incinerated as pollution. To provide a way for locals to recycle their empties responsibly, Fine Feather purchases Terracycle Zero Waste boxes for their recycling program for beauty product packaging and anyone can participate. Bring them into the shop, where a team member will do a quick sort of and even reward participants with product credit for doing their part. To learn more about the recycling rewards program, call or visit Fine Feather.

How to recycle your beauty products at Fine Feather:

  • Use up and clean out your empties.
  • Use every bit that you can, or fully empty the product. For flexible plastic such as tubes, cut those apart (you won’t believe how much product is left in them!).
  • In order for Terracycle to recycle the packaging, it needs to be clean and free of product as much as possible.
  • Packaging must be fully dry for us to accept them.
    We take empties from ANY brand, not just the ones we carry.
  • We do not accept glass, but the good news is that glass is widely recycled and you can do that at

We Take:

  • Eye/lip pencils (non-wooden)
  • Makeup tubes, jars and compacts, including lip and eye products
  • Pumps, straws, triggers, dispensers and lids
  • Hair or body product bottles, tubes, dispensers, jars and caps
  • Sample jars and lids


CC participates in Columbus School for Girls, Upper School Service Fair

We were happy to host a “Lemonade & Learn” @columbuschoolforgirls to share service opportunities by joining our Compost Clubhouse Youth Team!

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