Happy New Year from Compost Clubhouse!

May 2022 bring improved health and better habits to all of us. One beautiful habit that all of you have started is composting! In 2021, our Columbus-collecting community successfully diverted 294,312 lbs. from the landfill. It was another year tethered with Covid restrictions, but our youth team was extraordinary. They continued to find places to lead, learn and have their voices heard as they shared their passion for a more sustainable planet.

Dayton Joins Compost Clubhouse

Compost Clubhouse’s youth team is now 200 members strong! This leadership team will be joined by our neighbors in Dayton. This March, Compost Clubhouse will launch a collaboration project with the City of Dayton and Waste-Free Dayton. We will establish the same programs: tools and solutions for schools, curb-side pick-up, food waste drop-off stations, as well as Earth Day compost giveaway and Pumpkin Toss. Together, we will develop healthy habits for a more environmentally sustainable Ohio.

Youth Leaders Teach 4th Graders

Compost Clubhouse youth leaders, Emma (11th grade) and Madi (10th grade), presented to the fourth-grade students of Windemere Elementary the problem of food waste and the best solution. Their presentation included the life of a strawberry from planting, packaging and delivery to grocery store shelves and our refrigerators at home. If those strawberries go bad, Emma and Madi taught the fourth graders the importance of separating the fruit from its container – to compost where it will feed the earth, not add to a landfill. Emma and Madi offered solutions for composting food waste in backyards and taking it to a food waste drop-off station or have it picked up from your curb. We are super proud of these environmental leaders and their passion for encouraging others to be mindful of the many factors of food waste in our country.

Did you know that 1 in 10 Americans face hunger? Did you know 60 billion pounds of food waste is filling the landfills in the US? Emma and Madi remind you to divert your food waste for a better community…a better Ohio!

What’s happening in your school cafeteria?

Reach out to see if Compost Clubhouse can help. We have several sizes of bins available for lunch prep kitchens as well as school dining rooms. We are now serving over 10 schools. Students lead these initiatives and coach what can and cannot be composted as students walk through to discard their lunch leftovers. Now thousands of kids in Columbus schools are choosing to compost food waste rather than fill the landfill! Living up to our motto: Small Change. Big Impact!

Please contact Mona Barber today at 614. 378.2808 or mona@compostclubhouse.com

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