We invite everyone to join the club!

June 11, 2021
By Mona Barber


COLUMBUS, OHIO — June 11, 2021 — When we started Kids That Compost in March of 2019, we envisioned a team of children leading an initiative to save our planet, one bucket at time. Today, while kids are still at the center of everything we do, our organization has evolved into a network of proud parents, neighbors, teachers and like-minded individuals.

To reflect this ever-growing organization of green do-gooders, Kids That Compost is changing its name to Compost Clubhouse… and everyone’s invited to join the club! While we will always be focused on providing leadership opportunities for young people, our new name highlights the empowerment and sense of community that everyone can feel by composting their food waste. We’re really excited about the inclusive nature of our new brand and thank you for your continued support.

Contact: Mona Barber
Founder, Compost Clubhouse LLC (formerly Kids That Compost)
(614) 378-2808

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