July 16, 2021
By Ezra Brown

We know the pillars of composting. After you cook a hardboiled egg or skin a potato, you automatically throw the waste into your compost bin. Yet you might not know some other waste that you should be throwing in there, too! So instead of tossing waste products in the trash, include them in your Compost Clubhouse bin.

1. Paper products

Lots of paper products are easily compostable! Things like coffee filters, tea bags, shredded newspaper, cardboard, and even regular old paper are all great to add. You can even put them in a backyard compost if you have one. Remember to shred large pieces, like full sheets of paper or cardboard, before composting them.

2. Wood products

Both fireplace ashes and wood chips are okay for all types of compost, including at home. Sawdust is also compostable, but it isn’t the best option for your backyard. But you can add it to your Compost Clubhouse bucket and let our driver take it to our specialized facilities!

3. Cotton and wool rags

Cotton and wool rags are made out of plant material and animal products, so they can also biodegrade. Before tossing them in your bin make sure they are 100% wool or cotton and confirm they aren’t coated in any chemical cleaner. If either of those things aren’t true, don’t compost it!

4. Meat and dairy products

While meat and dairy products might not be a good fit for an at-home compost, Compost Clubhouse can compost them for you! In your backyard, the odor of decomposition might attract unwanted animals and insects. But in a designated composting site, you don’t have to worry!

If you see any kind of waste that fits this description around your house, compost it! The Earth will thank you.

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